2622T Bil-Jax Aerial work platform information and lift chart.
2622T Bil-Jax Aerial work platform information and lift chart.
2622T Bil-Jax Aerial work platform information and lift chart.
The 2622T is the 5th addition to the Summit Series™ line of trailer mounted boom lifts. The 2622T provides 32.5' of working height and 22' of outreach and features an automatic, self-leveling hydraulic outrigger system that allows for setup in 30 seconds when all four outriggers are deployed simultaneously.
2622T Bil-Jax Aerial work platform lift chart.
The Bil-Jax 2622T boom lift is part of the range of electrical trailer boom lift for people and material lifting.

The ultra-lightweight model with features comparable to larger telescopic machines.
An industry first.

    * Automatic leveling in less than 30 seconds
    * Best-in-class 12½ degree leveling capability
    * Simple telescopic boom design
    * Zero tail swing
    * Intuitive control system
    * Multiple function speeds
    * 10 in (25 cm) diameter non-marking footpads
    * Hydraulic surge and parking brakes
    * Integrated forklift pockets
Trailer-mounted 2622T towable booms. raises the bar and redefines the design, features and reach by which all towable boom lifts will be measured. With 4 new models to choose from in heights to 61' and outreach to 33' these lifts provide the best value in the industry and will lift your bottom line to new heights. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Working height          32 ft 9 in
Maximum Platform height         26 ft 6 in
Maximum Horizontal outreach from Centerline         22 ft
Turntable Rotation         700° non-continuous
Load Capacity         440 lbs
Stowed Height         78 1/4 in
Stowed Length         16 ft 3 in
Stowed Width         5 ft 5 1/2 in
Platform Length         30 in
Platform Width         48 in
Total Weight         2,890 lb
Trailer-mounted 2622T. This unit utilizes a telescopic boom, which Bil-Jax concedes is easier to operate than conventional articulating booms, which frequently require multiple elevation changes of two boom arms in order to position the platform. The 2622T's also features 700° turntable rotation, zero tailswing outside the outrigger footprint, and integrated forklift pockets. The stowed dimensions are 5'5.5"x16'5.5"x6'5.5".

Operating the ManLift. Aerial work platform. Man Lift. Aerial lift.
Trailer-mounted 2622T is accomplished through a self-intuitive control system from either the platform or the ground control station, which is common throughout the Summit Series. Both control stations feature an easy-to-understand display panel with control buttons positioned around a single machine image for easy identification of button functions.
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