The 4642 T trailer-mounted boom from Haulotte Group/Bil-Jax offers hydraulic outriggers and automatic leveling that allows users to begin use in less than 30 seconds. The boomlift features a working height of 52 feet, 4 inches, a platform height of 46 feet, 4 inches and a horizontal outreach of 41 feet, 6 inches. It also offers up to 500 pounds of lift capacity and weighs up to 6,100 pounds depending on options and accessories on the machine. The 4642 comes standard with a self-leveling platform, hydraulic surge breaks and a battery control indicator, as well as an optional material lifting hook.
The 4642T which essentially adds a third, aluminium, telescopic section to the existing 3632T and while offering additional reach it also offers a shorter overall length at less than six metres an automatic, self-leveling hydraulic outrigger system that allows for setup in 30 seconds when all four outriggers are deployed simultaneously.
4642T Bil-Jax Aerial work platform lift chart.
4642T Bil-Jax Aerial work platform information and lift chart.
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